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The Lolita ID by Lady-Aerius The Lolita ID :iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 3 4
Perfume Can't Mask Blood
You've done an awful thing
You've done a wretched deed
What makes you think
You're allowed to do this?
Does it make you feel better?
Does it make your tension vanish?
To see someone lying on the ground
Surrounded by their own crimson liquid
Oh why
Must I always be the first to see
Your wicked ways overcome your prey
Do you feel alright now
Do you feel at peace
Roses can't mask you forever
Do you think you can
Take his life away
With the flick of a knife
And he's gone away
To the light
I see you smile
In the graveyard moonlight
You can't escape forever you know
We shall see what comes next dear lady
Lady of death
No angel to be seen on your right shoulder
I know
You can't possibly think
You won't get caught
You stink of death
You wreek of blood
You stink of death
You wreek of blood
Roses are nothing but roses
Roses can't hide you forever
What's that I hear?
The constables climbing the stairs to your flat?
Where are you going to hide the body?
Did you even
:iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 2 13
Not The Whips by Lady-Aerius Not The Whips :iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 0 0 Opheliac by Lady-Aerius Opheliac :iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 0 1
Silently, I lay in bed dreaming of a future that won't exist.  Pillows feign life around me, whispering lies into my aching heart to tell me I won't be alone.  Youth is dreadful, knowing nothing but being responsible for all.  The ache it burns my skin, nearly tearing flesh of my muscles as I long for a touch.  A cold sweat tells me that the body beside me doesn't exist.  A burst of light in my head, is my dreamscape not so far-fetched?  Another year harbors new hopes and capabilities.  But time is an unfriendly houseguest.  Face those opposing, and defeat those whom would utter destruction of your ideals.  Strive for love, and it might survive.  Suddenly, my body grows hot and my breath thickens.  The sweat boils, and anger with it.  When it reaches max, I release it all, slamming my fist into the pillows that once reflected those I cared for.  Red glosses
:iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 0 5
Tell me
Why do you do that?
You say you love me,
Yet never show it
You think I'm beautiful
But never tell me
Sometimes I think you're a liar
Other's I think I'm a bitch for thinking such things
Of the one I love the most
How am I supposed to know what you think of me
If you never tell me
How am I supposed to know
If I never ask
Please tell me
You scare me to death half the time
With your reckless behavior
The rest you delight me
With your sweet
Loving care
But I can't help but wonder
What reminds you of me the most
Whenever I hear a certain song
Your face flashes in my mind
Whenever I lay awake in bed
I see you laying next to me
Whispering to me
Please say
If this band around my finger
Means anything at all to you
As much as it does to me
Tell me what makes you think of me
Tell me I'm beautiful
Tell me I'm the best you've ever had
But most of all
Tell me you love me
:iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 2 5
Corset tee shirt by Lady-Aerius Corset tee shirt :iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 0 9 Star Shirt by Lady-Aerius Star Shirt :iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 0 2 Ophelia? by Lady-Aerius Ophelia? :iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 17 3 'Why can't I be like her?' by Lady-Aerius 'Why can't I be like her?' :iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 0 2 Creature of the Night v. 2 by Lady-Aerius Creature of the Night v. 2 :iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 0 3 After The Rain v. 2 by Lady-Aerius After The Rain v. 2 :iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 0 1 Ragdoll's Gown by Lady-Aerius Ragdoll's Gown :iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 4 11 Not Entirly Comfortable by Lady-Aerius Not Entirly Comfortable :iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 0 1
Is Anyone There?
Another day passes
The more I feel dead
So many questions
linger in my head
And how I can't seem to belong
Anywhere I go. .
I wish I was pretty
I wish I was happy
But wishes never come true
Please make me feel like belong somewhere
Please try to understand
That I can't see
The beauty in me
Please help get it through my head
That I am more that meets the eye
So I can finally just let everything go
And fly away
Tears pour from my eyes
And I can't seem to stop
Is no one there
To make me feel like I'm
Something more
Than what I feel
So I know it's not real
It's not real
Can't you understand
That I feel dead inside
Like there's something missing
Like there's a hole
where my heart should be
Don't leave me here
Please don't go
Please don't go
Don't leave me alone
Why do I feel like this?
Why doesn't this go away?
Are you there?
Please someone!!
Chorus x3
Help me
understand why
I feel
This Guilt
This Envy
This Regret
This Pain.
:iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 1 7
My Own Little Asylum by Lady-Aerius My Own Little Asylum :iconlady-aerius:Lady-Aerius 1 1

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That one chick
United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Hinata from Naruto
Personal Quote: FREAKS SHALL RULE THE WORLD!!!! tell your friends.
I just wanted to say that I was making a new account on dA. I'm still gonna have this one, but only till I get everything and everyone (that I want) transfered to the new account.
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